Do You Feel Comsumed With How Your Body Looks or Feels?

Are You Ready To Be FREE from Obsessing or Neglecting Your Body?

Hi, I'm Allison Taylor and I'm here to help!

Certified Independent Revelation Wellness Instructor and founder of JoyFire Wellness.

Let's Train Together!

JoyFire Wellness

Hi, I'm Allison, a Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor.

At JOYFIRE WELLNESS, we follow the vision of faith-based training for the body, mind, and spirit!

Sharing the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Allowing our Wellness to burn on the altar of Christ's everlasting love!

Fitness classes are in person and online.

We train, not for vanity but because love is heavy. Your good body is how heaven comes to earth. Let's train together so we can love in wholeness!

Services Provided

Strength, Cardio and Stability classes

We work on building strength and agility. And Worship our Creator not the creation in the process.

WEllness revelation study

We will work through Alisa Keeton's book either online or in person - to understand the revelation of wellness as a child of God.

The body revelation

Are you tired of knowing what to do for your health, but still not doing it? We will work through the Body Revelation, by Alisa Keeton, together - to find out why and that God has a good plan and love for our bodies!

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